In Akita, where Baku Ishii, the father of creative dance in Japan, was born, there are many creative dancers who inherit his mantle.
The Akita national dance festival “Modern Dance Competition” which is held every year in Akita is one of the three biggest competitions in Japan and this year will be the 36th year of the competition.Dancers who are recognized for their talent and get the chance to learn at the top dance companies throughout the world as foreign trainees of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, are produced from this competition almost every year.Enjoy the performance of dancers in Akita, known as the kingdom of dance.

Event date and time
October 28, 2017(Saturday) 18:30-
Event venue
Keyaki Theater, Akita Prefectural Children's Hall
Admission fee and etc
Advance ticket 1,000yen (1,300yen on the day)

『Light and Shade/Akita City 』

Kasumi Adachi(Akita City)

Kasumi Adachi
Nobuko Higuchi, Sachiko Ito, Kasumi Adachi
Hitoshi Goto
Yoshiro Sato
Yudai Suzuki (Multi purpose studio)
When I close my eyes, it is not total darkness. The memory of images remain. Light and shadows come and go, What is it that I am seeing? What is it that I am not seeing ? The truth we cannot see on a winding road. The wind that keeps blowing.

『Nothing happens in my room/Akita City』

Yu Watanabe(Akita City)

Yu Watanabe
Ayumi Ito, Yu Watanabe
Toshikazu Furimoto
Alone, not alone.


Mana Kawamura (Akita City)

Mana Kawamura, Kensaku Shinohara
Mana Kawamura, Junnosuke Kagaya, Nao Kishino, Kensaku Shinohara, Fuka Tamoto
People tend to look to something understandable in every day life. But the two choreographers challenge the audiences and themselves by creating the work of unknownness and beyond rational understanding, as they encourage the audiences to find their own access to it. Making "penguin" as its icon, this piece teams up with humorous texts, visual images and movements, which all build the space for unrestrict- ed artistic experience.

『Life of Cherry Blossoms – performed with Chopin/Akita City』

Nobuko Okumura(Akita City)

Nobuko Okumura
Chiharu Hashimoto, Yumiko Kurihara, Mika Matsuzawa, Ayako Komuro, Akiko Ri, Akiko Horii, Yoshiko Watanabe, Chiharu Sato, Mizue Kiyota, Ayako Shida, Yurie Horino, Yurika Kikkawa, Emiko Komatsu, Yuka Hayasaka, Ririka Okabe, Shiori Abe, Kirika Hayashi
Winter sets in
Then spring passes
In rain they fall
Dancing ever gloriously

『Snow Falling/Katagami City』

Sachiko Ito(Katagami City)

Sachiko Ito
Kasumi Adachi, Satomi Ishii, Kanako Ryokawa, Sachiko Ito
Stage design
Torinos Production
Feather-like falling snow will eventually become a thick layer. I might be pressed by that weight. Which would be more unbearable? Heaviness? Or unending lightness?

『Her name is Yokko/Akita City』

Izumi Kawamura(Akita City)

Izumi Kawamura
Kaori Kagaya, Keiko Usami, Ayumi Ito, Yu Watanabe, Yumi Ito, Asako Tanaka, Nao Kishino, Haruka Narumi, Fuka Tamoto, Izumi Kawamura
This is a memory from my childhood. There was a strange and odd woman always strolling along with her mother. Whenever I saw her, my friends and I were scared and curious at the same time. She was something I shouldn’t look at but couldn’t help staring at. Whenever I remember the peaceful the times of Showa, (*) I think about her. Her name is Yokko. *Showa (Japanese previous era)

Outreach performance in Mitanecho

"ODORU AKITA" holds "Outreach Performance" every year in areas other than the city of Akita. The art dissemination activity called "outreach" means that the theater reaches the people living in areas where it is difficult to appreciate performing arts. This year's "Outreach Performance" will be held at "Yamamoto furusato culture Hall" in Mitanecho in the northwest part of Akita Prefecture. Mitanecho is the birthplace of Baku Ishii known as the Father of Japanese Creative Dance. "Baku Ishii Memorial Creative Dance Company" managed by Noboru Ishii, the grandchild of Baku Ishii, will be on stage there. Please enjoy the "Outreach Performance" in the birthplace of Baku Ishii.

The 55th Anniversary (Performance) of Baku Ishii's death"
Baku Ishii's Children's Collection"

And now, the child performers are sending a message from Akita. (National dance contest winner, etc.)

Event date and time
November 19, 2017(Sunday) Door opens at 13:30 / Performance starts at 14:00
Event venue
Yamamoto furusato culture Hall
Admission fee and etc
Admission free
Baku Ishii Memorial Creative Dancers, Ayuko Tanahashi's Ballet School, and local children
Muneki Naya

Baku Ishii Memorial creation dance company

Originally started by Baku Ishii as “Baku Ishii Creative Dance Company”but was renamed the “Baku Ishii Memorial Creative Dance Company” after Baku’s death. It was reorganized by Noboru Ishii in 1994 and has used Baku Ishii’s dance ideology as a base for their performances. They study and search for recreation of Baku’s works and endeavor to create new dance. They aim to expand the possibility of dance itself and to develop the sensitivities and the superior human quality in their dancers.


Ayuko Tanahashi Ballet School

Since the opening of the studio in 1958, they have received many awards including the second place in the modern dance category of the national dance competition. In 2005 they received an award of excellence in the Modern Dance Festival.
They performed in the Wakasugi National Athletic Meet, the National Tree-planting Festival held in Akita, the Nenrinpic Games, and National Cultural Festivals held in five prefectures. In the Akita National Cultural Festival held in 2014, they led a modern dance festival with the theme being Baku Ishii.