About us

Akita is a place that 2 genius dancers grew up.
One is Baku Ishii known for a winner of the Medal with Purple Ribbon and a pathfinder of Modern dance.
The other is Tatsumi Hijikara who started dance affected by Baku Ishii. He created a dance unique to Japan and radicated as Butoh in the world with Kazuo Ohno.
They are awesome creators not only in the dance scenes but also in the art scenes.
In honor of those forerunners's outperformances, we will announce Akita which turned out 2 masters is as the holy places of Butoh all over the world.  With this, we will hold “Odoru Akita” Baku Ishii and Tatsumi Hijikata international dance festival that contributes global dance scene for raising up and cultivating geniuses for dance.



Executive Committee Chairman Yutaka Takadoh

Flamenco dancers often say “Tener duende (having duende)”. It means having soul, a heightened state of emotion, expression and authenticity. If dancers are with the duende when they are dancing, a dancer's body can move freely as if it has its own will, and it is possible to continue dancing in ecstasies of delight without disordered breathing.
I am not a dancer, but always dream of such a state.
“No fear, no flattery, enjoying even sufferance, being beside myself with joy”, have worked for the festival feeling so.
We are looking forward to many people taking this opportunity to attend.

◆Yutaka Takadoh's profile
Owner of Aqula Brewery
President of Akita Omachi shopping street promotion association

Festival director Santa Yamakawa

Baku Ishii and Tatsumi Hijikata were phenomenal dancers since they were not bound by previous methods such as traditional ballet dance in order to establish their own representation style.
The International dance Festival that started in Akita last year invited world class dancers and companies to reinvigorate the dance scene of the next generation by finding and cultivating talented dancers who can be the next great dancers like those previously mentioned.
Please look forward to the growth of a new collective of the Performing Arts which just began in Akita; "The Sacred place of Butoh".

◆Yamakawa Santa's profile
Dance critic, non-fiction writer.
Began by starting a theater company in 1976 and going on to work as a playwright, director and actor until dispersing in 1986.
After the dispersion, has worked as a freelance writer, and an editor.
The author of "The legend of Swan’s lake ~the era of ballet with Masahide Komaki".